BolehCompare Product Guide

Credit Cards

Find the best credit card with features and interest rates that you're looking for. Using BolehCompare's comparison tool, here's how you can find the best credit cards in Malaysia.

  1. Click on the "Credit Card" tab just below the BolehCompare banner and that will take you to the comparison tool.
  2. You will be presented with 10 credit cards on the page, click on "Show More Credit Card Deals" to see more cards. The results will show you credit cards on both Visa and Mastercard networks as well as from UnionPay and American Express that are offered by Malaysia banks.
  3. The filters on BolehCopare's comparison tools lets you find the best credit card in Malaysia based on what type of benefits that you want from a credit card. The product filters on BolehCompare's Credit Card comparison tool is what makes it easy to find the credit card of your dreams!
  4. The filter categories include "cashback," "points," "airmiles," "low interest," "0% balance interest," "no fees," "petrol," and "premium" cards. These categories can help you find credit cards that provide these features.
  5. You could further sort the credit cards into the ones that have better rewards, lower annual fees, and lower interest rates. These help you refine your search for the credit card that fits your needs.

Personal Loan

Find out how to use BolehCompare's personal loan comparison tool with this product guide. Follow these simple steps so you can apply for a personal loan today!

  1. Click on the "Loan" tab just below the BolehCompare bannerto take you to the personal loan EMI calculator (equated monthly installment).
  2. You'll be presented with 10 loan deals but you can click on "Show More Loan Deals" to see more personal loan deals in Malaysia.
  3. The EMI calculator is easy to use and you basically just have to use the slider bar to change the amount that you'd like to borrow. You could also specify the term of your loan (how long do you want to repay the loan). You could also specify your gross monthly income, age, and whether you're a Malaysia permanent ID card holder; so that the results will be filtered and you get more customised results.
  4. Once you tweak the information on the EMI calculator, you'll be presented with several personal loan products you can easily compare. The rates will automatically adjust based on your input. It's that easy!
  5. Use the filters so you know which personal loan products are best for either debt consolidation, personal instalment, or credit line.
  6. The results shown will also show you the personal loan interest rate, as well as your monthly repayment amount.

Broadband Plans

BolehCompare plans to provide a way for Malaysia's residents to compare broadband deals. Through the comparison tool, Malaysia residents can compare the broadband plans from different internet service providers.

With a high percentage of the population of Malaysia connected to the Internet, it shows how valuable this service is to people. There's also quite a lot of options to choose from when it comes to broadband services in Malaysia, reflectinh the availability of the most advanced broadband technologies in the city.

Choose between fixed broadband connections such as DSL lines and Cable internet. You can also select and compare plans on mobile broadband for accessing the Internet from almost anywhere.

The quality of calls and video when communicating with friends and family over VoIP services such as Skype is amazing with a fast broadband connection. Once BolehCompare rolls out its comparison tool, consumers in Malaysia can easily compare the monthly rates for the various broadband plans and the various speeds that are available.

The tool will enable you to choose a broadband speed that your their needs. Fast broadband speeds enable consumers to load websites and online videos on their device without a hitch.

Medical Insurance

Find out how to use BolehCompare's medical insurance comparison tool with this handy product guide. Go to our medical insurance guide to learn more about the medical insurance in general and the various terms that you could encounter when you look for medical insurance in Malaysia. Follow these simple steps to look for the best medical insurance plan for you.

  1. Click on the "insurance" tab just below the BolehCompare banner and choose "Medical Insurance." That will take you to the medical insurance page where you can compare the different benefits of medical insurance plans and the premiums that you have to pay for the plan on an annual basis.
  2. The filters on BolehCompare's medical insurance comparison tool can help you narrow down your search for the best medical insurance plan in Malaysia. Just tick the check box beside the cover that you want your plan to have and the tool will filter the results to show only the plans that have these features.
  3. There are hundreds of medical insurance plans that you can choose from on BolehCompare and these have different covers and their own prices so you can look for one based on either your budget or the type of coverage that you're looking for.


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