Alliance Bank Platinum Card

Alliance Bank Platinum Card


  • Annual Fee: Waived with minimum spend of RM5,000 or 12 swipes per annum
  • Timeless Bonus Points which never expire
  • Airline Miles Redemption
  • Petrol Cashback: 2X TBP for every RM1 spent on petrol
  • Travel Cashback: 3X TBP for every RM1 spent on overseas retail
  • Groceries Cashback: 2X TBP for every RM1 spent on groceries
  • 2X TBP for every RM1 spent on utility bills
Minimum Monthly Income
Minimum Monthly Income

RM 5

Interest Rate
Interest Rate

15% p.a.

Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer

0% for 6 months

Annual Fee
Annual Fee

RM 438.00

Credit Card's Promotion


Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) that do not expire

  • 3x TBP for every RM1 spent on overseas retail
  • 2x TBP for every RM1 spent on petrol, grocery & utility
  • 1x TBP for every RM1 spent on all other domestic retail

except for government agencies transactions

Airline Miles Redemption

  • Enrich Miles:
    6000 TBP = 1000 Enrich Miles
  • AirAsia BIG Points (for VISA Credit Card only):
    3000 TBP = 1000 BIG Points
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer Tenure 6 Months** 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
Interest Rate 0.00% p.a. 6.99% p.a. 6.99% p.a. 7.99% p.a.
Normal Finance Charges RM819.00 RM1,485 RM2,015 RM2,445
Alliance Balance Transfer Plan ZERO RM699 RM1,049 RM1,598
Total Savings RM819.00 RM786 RM967 RM847

 Unlimited Complimentary Access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge (for PB & AP members only)

Low Interest
Tiering Interest Rate (per month) Interest Rate (per annum) Duration
Tier 1



Cardmembers who promptly settle their minimum payment amount due for 12 consecutive months

Tier 2

1.42% 17% Cardmembers who promptly settle their minimum payment amount due for 10 months or more in 12 consecutive months
Tier 3 1.50% 18% Cardmembers who do not fall within the above categories
Annual fee RM 438.00
Annual fee for suplementary card RM 0.00
Minimum monthly payment 5% of the outstanding balance or RM50, whichever is higher
Late payment interest Minimum RM10 or 1% of the total outstanding balance as at statement date, whichever is higher subject to a maximum of RM100
Finance charge interest rate per month 1.25%
Finance charge interest rate per year 15%
Cash withdrawal 5% of the amount advanced or a minimum of RM15.00, whichever is higher
Cash withdrawal interest rate 18% per annum daily interest
Balance transfer interest rate 0% for 6 months
Balance transfer max valid duration Up to 24 months

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